11 Aug 19 – Las Cajas

I spent this day getting progressively more lost. Even with my Maps.Me I took a wrong turn getting from my hostel to the bus station.  I couldn’t get lost on the bus but I did need to see every other tourist get off at one stop to know that it was mine.  Then, after registering at the park office and getting a map with specific instructions about how to navigate the park, I set out immediately  on the wrong path.  But at least it was a path.  

Until it wasn’t and that’s when I got lost in dense forest.  Fortunately, there was at least a river for me to follow… somewhere?

Eventually I did find my way back to the path and out of the park.  But don’t fret, still more opportunities to get lost.  Thought I was walking to the park office, ended up at a toll booth.  Waited at toll booth for  bus for 45 minutes until I decided to hitchhike and got dropped off in a part of Cuenca where I was totally lost.  

All in all a pretty good day.  

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