8 Aug 19

“Da $hoe$hine Boyz!”

Sitting in Calderon Park, waiting for the Cuenca walking tour to begin, I met “Da $hoe$hine Boyz!”. That’s just a name I gave them but I feel like they’d be real happy with it. They offered to shine my sneakers (?) and I tried to explain… nah, I just said “No” actually but they wanted to hang around. So we talkled about how much my shoes cost compared to theirs (theirs were less), where they were from (Cuenca, Ecuador), how old were they (7-9 y.o.), and a little bit about school (they weren’t really into it). I was taking pictures while we talked and they asked if I’d take one of them. I don’t usually photo kids but since they asked… And it only ended up costing me the two dollars they asked for to, I guess, compensate them for having the pleasure of taking their picture. Anyway, good kids.

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