28 Mar 19

Food! Oaxaca has great food and drinks. Here are some pics of some of the things I ate. I labelled them so you know what they are.

I ate that ceviche for many a lunch. Just a couple of dollars in the local market.

Chapulines are grasshoppers. They are fried in garlic or, like these, in chile. They mostly taste like garlic or chile.

The burgers in Mexico are nuts! They come with everything and by everything I’m talking ham (because without ham it’s just a burger), queso, mayo, lettuce, and tomato. One night I even had one with a hotdog on it. USA we really need to up our burger game.

Mezcal is the tequila of Oaxaca. I’m not sure that makes sense but mezcal is native to the region and sold all over the place. It’s artisanal and made with different methods and ingredients. This particular mezcal is mixed with a chocolate cream which makes getting buzzed very easy.

That’s a beer. There’s also a fair amount of artisanal beer down here. This one had chiles in it and me gusta!

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