22 Mar 19

Angel of Independence (Mexico City).

Today was my first full day on my own after Erika left yesterday.  Adjusting to solo travel is gonna take a minute.  

What helps is that Mexico City is amazing! It’s gigantic and beautiful.

Planned to go for an epic tour of museums and sights today.  Walked to the Angel de Independencia and took some photos.  Then walked to Chapultepec Park again to check out the Modern Art Museum.  It was decent but being able to read Spanish would have been really helpful to understand more about the artists and their work.  

When I left though… Started to walk around the sculpture garden and caught a vicious cramp under my ribs.  Had to sit down and breathe through it to stop the spasms for about 10 minutes until a woman staff came by to ask if I needed help.  Guess I better start drinking some water.

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